Rare breed Pork

Our Speciality is outdoor reared, rare breed pork products.
We believe that the quality taste of the pork is the most important factor.
This is best achieved by selecting pigs that are born and bred outdoors.
They are then kept in the best possible conditions both physically and psychologically for the whole of their life.


a happy pig is a very tasty pig indeed!....


its paradise for a pig at perkypigs.net

We consider the flavour of the meat to be far better than the commercial breeds we have all become used to.
In fact pork sales from supermarkets has fallen over recent years due to the taste.

A Happy Pig

Perkypigs.net also want to promote the survival of rare breeds to allow future generations to enjoy them.

What is for sale?

Here at perkypigs.net we are currently offering several varieties of breed.
They are sold in half and quarter pig quantities, butchered as you require.

We also sell

  • Individual joints and chops
  • Gluten free sausages in a variety of traditional and contemporary flavours
  • Gluten free burgers
  • Dry cured bacon
  • Dry cured Ham and Gammon steaks and joints

You are most welcome to visit your pig at anytime, preferably by arrangement. You can even arrange to come and feed your pig.