Pig Welfare

Free to run outside

Haldernby Grange Pig Huts

The pigs live in fenced areas which are large and safe for them to do what pigs do.
We dont use barbed wire or electric fencing.
They have muddy wallows, footballs, logs and wellingtons boots to provide extra enrichment and stimulus

Pigs in Woven Blankets

Each pig area is pooped scooped on a daily basis.
The wooden pig arks made by a local craftsmen.
They are warm in winter and cool in the hot summer unlike some metal pig arks some pigs live in.


A Happy Pig

The pigs are fed twice a day with a natrual pig food, suplimented with fresh fruit and vegtables. We keep their water clean and fresh.

Perkypigs.net also want to promote the survival of rare breeds to allow future generations to enjoy them.

Pig Cam

Perkpigs.net Pigcam

This is a Pig Cam link which you can see the Pigs in the fields

Logon is : piggy
Password is : piggy
Perkypigs.net Web Cam

Perkypigs.net on You Tube

Perkypigs.net on You Tube

Have a look at the Pigs on Film
watch the pigs doing what pigs do from playing football to lazying in the late evening sun.

Dont forget they are good enough to eat!.
Our Perkypigs.net You Tube Channel